Resolved To Be A Fearless Man Through Honoring, Loving, and Revering

I’ve never made made resolutions in the past, but this year I’m resolved to be a fearless man.

Fearless man

Last year I had quite a hectic year with studies, family issues, work issues, financial issues, and even relationship issues. To top things off I was busy trying to please everyone.

Many fellas crave the trifecta of success each year that comes in the form of sex, money and career. However, these things can leave you feeling shallow and empty, especially if your perspective of them is wrong. Theologian Jonathan Edwards appealed to every man to look beyond these things and at your life by giving the outcomes a greater thought. One of his great quotes that shaped me is,

Resolved, Never to do anything, which I should be afraid to do, if it were the last hour of my life.”

In other words, make the most of each moment because you don’t know what tomorrow holds. Edwards is championing us to each be a fearless man with our time.

I resolve to be a fearless man through honoring, loving, and revering. This verse will guide me:

“Honour all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honour the king” (1 Peter 2:17).


I resolve to honour those people that are in my life with some type of authority and give respect to those that serve me in some shape or form. I admire those people that serve as leaders, and have some type of authority to guide the countries we live in. We can all have our fair share of opinions when it comes to governing and leading people, but at the end of the day, they are the people placed there for a reason. If they be the government, our bosses in our workplace, our families that we are a part of, we are called to honour them in the leadership role.

Then there are those that serve us; these are the military, the protective services, the police, the firemen, the ambulance, the healthcare professionals, those that serve the homeless and those living in poverty, and the list could go on and on. This year I resolve to honour and respect everyone in every sphere of life.


I am resolved to love those people in my life that I am closest to. I can count on two hands the people that I am closest to, and for me this gives my life clarity. Does this mean that I will not spend time outside of this circle of friends? Probably not, but it just means that I will not let my life get bogged down trying to keep everyone happy. I will truly give the time and effort into those friendships, relationships, and family that I am closest to.

This goes back to something that I wrote a few months ago regarding this Australian idea of mateship. We are all called to watch out for those that we are closest to. Do we ask ourselves, “Are we our brother’s keeper?” The answer is… Yes!

This year I am resolved to be that mate for those who may need a friend. I am resolved to give of my time that shows how important they are to me, and sacrificing to show how appreciative I am for everything that they have done. This year I am resolved to keep it real with my friends and family that I walk through life with.


I am resolved to have a renewed sense of awe and a healthy reverence in life. Do we ever stop for one moment and consider how privileged we are? If we have a roof over our heads, if we have a meal in our belly, if we can walk outside and give thanks that we do not live in a ravaged war zone, then we are among those that are truly blessed in every sense of the word. If you look at your current circumstances, chances are that you have more to be thankful for than majority of the population.

I went for a run the other week over here in Scotland and simply looked around. I came to realise that I had more to be thankful for than most. Yet, my lips can often come complaint and anguish at the circumstances that surround me. As a man of faith I am resolved to have a healthy view of how great God is. So, this year I am going to spend more time looking up and being thankful for the great things that take place with a fresh perspective.

The question remains, what is important in your life? Are there people or things that need to be cut away? Are there priorities that need to be realigned? Do you have a character issue you need to work on more this year? Do you need to get a fresh perspective? As a band of brothers, let’s resolve ourselves to watch out for each other, and keep one another accountable in these things this year.

Be a fearless man. In the theme of Jonathon Edwards, “I am resolved to be fearless and redeem my time!”

3 Responses to Resolved To Be A Fearless Man Through Honoring, Loving, and Revering

  1. Stephen Clay McGehee January 18, 2017 at 7:25 pm #

    The section on Revering brings to mind something that I’ve been thinking about over the past few days – the balancing of two seemingly incompatible ways of looking at life:

    1) Having concrete goals to strive for.
    2) Learning to be content with where you are and what you have right now.

    They CAN be compatible. It just takes effort and humility to make it work.

    By the way, the 1 Peter 2:17 verse is one of my favorites. Thank you for making it a theme of this post. It is one of the most powerful verses in The Bible when one takes the time to study it and comprehend what it really means.

  2. Joshua James January 18, 2017 at 7:46 pm #

    Oh agreed Stephen. It seems to be the ultimate argument we can have internally. Firstly, if we have goals, what and who are they for, and are they something that can be accomplished? Secondly, if we are meant to be content, then why should we have goals in the first place? I think it comes down to simply learning to Love, Honour and Revere God with every facet of our lives. I think today as men we have almost lost this aspect of mystery and appreciating the grand scheme of things. The word “awe” has lost its meaning with the word awesome being so flippant in our use as well.

    Peter was absolute in this fact when he wrote 1 Peter 2:17, as he was writing to a group of scattered people concerned about their lives in the face of hardship. He was encouraging them to look beyond what was temporal and toward something of true awe and longevity, and this echoed through every sphere of life.

  3. Joshua James January 18, 2017 at 7:50 pm #

    But have a read of the other articles on this site recently. They are all pointing toward why it is so great to have a vision, a plan, and goals in place. Thanks again Stephen.

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