D’Angelo Russell Breaks Guy Code


D’Angelo Russell didn’t find many fans when he walked on the court at the Staple’s Center in Los Angeles, CA yesterday (March 30). In fact, he got booed. Why? Because he broke The Guy Code and recorded a conversation with teammate Nick Young, who didn’t know he was being recorded. Young allegedly talked about cheating on his fiancé, rapper Iggy Azalea. The recording leaked online.

The Guy Code comprises many unspoken and untold elements, but one of the central pillars is you don’t expose a buddy if he cheats on his girl. A leaked viral video is downright sacrilegious to The Guy Code.

And so, D’Angelo has to pay the penalty. He’s apparently even been shunned by teammates.

The Lakers already had low trust, and Russell seemingly decimated the rest.

According to TMZ, Iggy Izalea and Nick Young’s relationship is now on the rocks. Is this Russell’s fault? Some seem to believe so…

Like this opener:

Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young is in hot water with his fiance Iggy Azalea, and it’s all his teammate D’Angelo Russell‘s fault.

Or this one:

Nick is clearly being filmed without his knowledge, and this could potentially ruin his relationship.

Even Russell himself seems to agree:

Russell said he feels like he has put Young’s personal life in jeopardy.

The one person who seems to have gotten off the hook, except with his fiancé I’m assuming, is Young.

Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell said he was sickened by consequences of the leaked video he shot of teammate Nick Young talking about women who were not his fiancee.

Here’s the key point everyone seems to be missing: no one but Nick Young is responsible for the outcome or the consequences of his actions. 

Blame team trust issues on Russell and the age of social media, but don’t blame relationship issues on someone who breaks The Guy Code.

No matter how strong The Guy Code is, what happens behind closed doors will and do affect relationships.

At lunch today, I asked some colleagues why everyone was mad at Russell.

“He not only broke The Guy Code, but he broke the law. He should be sued!”

When I asked about their thoughts on Young…

“He’s a NBA player,” one said. “Of course he cheats!”

Filming a friend without them knowing it is wrong. It’s especially sleazy when it’s filmed with ill-intentioned purpose.

When you find out or discover a good friend is cheating on a fiancé or wife, it might not be your place to expose it. But, demonstrate you’re a good friend by keeping your friend accountable.

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3 Responses to D’Angelo Russell Breaks Guy Code

  1. King Muindi April 4, 2016 at 4:25 am #

    That’s definitely true, the Guy code remains strong but accountability should stand tall in matters of brotherhood.

  2. bklynknight April 5, 2016 at 8:32 pm #

    Dam a guy code. Don’t worry the females love him 4 it. The women are on his side. Men r so low at times they will marry knowing they r cheating , making a woman waste her life on him.women better wake up. Men don’t care about women especially rich men. U dodged a big 1 girl. GOD IS GOOD.

  3. bklynknight April 5, 2016 at 8:44 pm #

    Men do not value women. in a world of men women are expendable, THINGS, TOYS. They are murdering women and children. Leaving their kids and mothers neglected. Of course the team of men are mad. They are rich men. Cheating is a privilege to them.

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