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chill men's outfits for a hot day

Chill Men’s Outfits for a Hot Day

Summers can be vindictive. Keeping your cool can be a difficult task even on chill days. However, nothing should pull out the plug from your happiness on hot days when you’ve chosen to relax. We’ve come up with a list of some chill men’s outfits, especially for the good guys out there. Crisp White If you’re planning […]

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Seventies Suede Chelsea Boots Are Back

This past March, the New York Times declared The 70’s Are Back in Fashion. Again. While this was reflected in women’s fashion, it was only a matter of time before the waves changed men’s style. With the arrival of Star Wars Episode VII, every guy might find some interest in the fact the original Storm Troopers […]

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Top 5 Men’s Ski Styles For 2016

You probably thought you were limited to oversized ski suits and clunky boots when it came to men’s ski styles – but you’d be wrong. These days it’s easier than ever to create ski looks that tap into what’s fashionable, by including on trend pieces with traditional skiwear. If you’re wondering what the world of […]

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How to Properly Wear Cologne

Have you ever been minding your own business when suddenly a perfume or cologne wafts through the air and completely captures your attention? Maybe it was a scent that reminded you of that old girlfriend you had back in college. Maybe it reminded you of that guy at the office that smells like he bathes […]

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Shirt Buying Guide for Men Who Hate to Shop

Shirt Buying Guide For Men Who Hate To Shop

This may be a huge sweeping generalization but many men absolutely hate to shop. They’d much rather spend their weekends and free time doing anything – watching football, mowing the lawn, walking the dog, botching simple DIY tasks – than mooching around shops. Window shopping or browsing? They just don’t see the point. For these […]

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