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How To Grow In True Confidence As A Man

Confidence is attractive. We’ve all seen videos from the animal kingdom depicting an alpha male trying to win a female through an outward sign of confidence right? Unfortunately, in human social settings vigorously beating your chest, thrashing around with violent dance moves, or even flexing shirtless probably won’t win you the girl of your dreams. […]

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Are You A Friend Who Is Solid Like A Soldier? Obama Prayer Breakfast Speech

Flying back from Washington, DC, I thought about a story from the President Obama Prayer Breakfast speech: So a group of American soldiers are captured, and their captors ordered Jewish POWs to identify themselves. And one sergeant, a Christian named Roddie Edmonds, from Tennessee, ordered all American troops to report alongside them. They lined up […]

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A Litmus Test For Experiencing Freedom

Do you truly experience freedom? If you can’t answer this question, may I suggest taking a test? Snowboarding: A Litmus Test For Experiencing Freedom As I’m tapping away on this keyboard, I have charlie horses, stiffness, and horrible flexibility. Why? Because when I snowboarded this past Saturday, I resisted freedom. I’ll use “burning loins” to […]

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Being Content Making A Difference To One

Maybe it’s because I live in LA or because I work in sales, but everything seems to be numbers-oriented now. Less or stable isn’t an option–there must always be more. Recently, a friend mentioned to me her boyfriend broke up with her. I asked why. “I don’t have enough Instagram followers,” she said. “Wow,” I […]

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Season for sadness

A Season For Sadness, But A Season To Live

I remember growing up loving the holiday season every year. However, in my early teens it changed a great deal when my mum and dad separated. Christmas sadness set in. The one story that I would like to share relates to my mother’s testimony, and she has given me permission to share it in the […]

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How To Listen to the Quiet Voice

One of my best friends jokingly calls me “Forrest Gump” because I’ve somehow taken less than desirable circumstances and turned them to success. I went from a troublemaker in elementary school to a valedictorian of my high school. I started off as an awkward skinny kid in college and ended up a fraternity president and […]

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