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Roger Bannister

5 Truths To Achieve The Impossible

Achieve the impossible. Well, that would be impossible, right? Today we are going to share the story of Roger Bannister and how he surged past the point of possibility at the time. Ever heard the saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”? Of course you have; it’s one of the trite statements […]

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Disappointment Isn’t That Bad

Disappointment isn’t that bad. I think sometimes we let the fear of it keep us from enjoying what God has blessed us with presently in our lives. It can keep us from investing 100% in our passions. It can keep us from taking the risks that every whippersnapper can afford to take early in life. The […]

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A Good Guy Is More Than…

A true good guy goes through his day recognizing his blessings in life and shows kindness to strangers. He takes time out of his day to notice the beauty in the simple and mundane. He loses two seconds out of his own day to help a woman with a stroller go down a flight of stairs. He asks the cashier, “How is your day?” with a smile. He acknowledges the janitor at work with a friendly, “Hello.”

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Conquer the Voices of Doubt

It’s a motivation kinda Monday!

Yesterday, I went and heard Nick Vujicic speak. Have you heard of Nick? He was born with no limbs, and became a motivational speaker. He’s spoken globally, and inspired millions. Just like you and I, Nick had inner voices of doubt, but overcame them along with physical disabilities to achieve great things. What inner voices do you struggle with? Check out today’s article and be inspired through Nick’s story.

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