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What's Life Like When You Become a Dad? 12 Life Changes

What’s Life Like When You Become a Dad?

What’s Life Like When you Become a Dad? The other night on our GoodGuySwag online call, Brandon posed the question, “What’s life like when you become a dad?” Gather around fellas…as I’ve written previously, new dads may awaken to realities no one ever told them about. Becoming a dad is more fulfilling than your best […]

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Expectant father

5 Worries of an Expectant Father

As an expectant mother, my wife is currently concerned about “nesting,” washing new baby clothes with special baby detergent, designing a baby room, asking me to assemble impossible baby swings. Some might think I have it easy, but my thoughts are already in the future. Today, I’m going to discuss a few things an expectant father […]

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Father's Day message

A Father’s Day Message for Dads and Future Dads

an excerpt from Do Pirates Wear Pajamas? and Other Mysteries in the Adventure of Fathering By Gordon Dalbey You know, we really need to begin thinking about starting a family. Amid the otherwise comforting aroma of scrambled eggs and salsa, Mary leaned ever so matter-of-factly into our breakfast table, shortly before our first anniversary—and waited. […]

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Badass Grandpa

The Blueprint to Be a Badass Yourself Editor’s note:  Arden Ballard is a contributor who works as a Physician Assistant in New Orleans.  He’s a huge Saints fan, and is a fellow fraternity brother I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person yet.  I hope you enjoy his blog as much as I have. […]

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