7 Reasons Bromances are Important

There are friends, and then there are bros. And when the best of friends and bros come together, bromances happen. 


Bromances are an essential part of every man’s life. A bromance cannot be overlooked otherwise it’s sure to bring loneliness. And nobody wants to be lonely.

Personally, I have many bromances. One with my iron brother, Egan, a fellow author on, Andrew, my brother by blood, Elijah and Sam, who I clicked with instantly.

Bromances are essential, and here are 7 reasons why they’re so important to every man.

1. Bromances express masculine love. 

In my humble opinion, nothing is better than being friends with another man that you can openly say, “I love you, man” and actually mean it.

Bro hug

And let’s not forget the bro hug. Through masculine love, it encourages us to be comfortable with the man we are, and the man we’re becoming. Without it—the masculine love brought on by the bromance—a man can never truly be a man.

2. Bromances provide an emotional outlet. 

Us guys have a tendency to bottle everything up and hold it in for an exponentially long time. It can cause depression, anxiety, and problems with our self esteem. But bromances provide an outlet for everything we’ve bottled up because we can trust them with our emotional openness. We can completely open our hearts to them, and they will help advice and guide us, because they’re there for us. Emotional transparency…we need it.

3. Bromances encourage you to be great. 

Bromances are solid relationships you share with individuals who will provide you with the encouragement you need to overcome your mountains, your fears, problems, and insecurities. They want you to be successful. Greatness is a theme in nearly all of my articles, and it’s not something you can entertain alone. You need bros to help you get there.

4. Bromances push you to be better. 

Your brothers want what’s best for you, and they will help you find what’s best for yourself. There have been multiple instances my bros have come to me with concerns, and it hits me like a punch in the face, because I didn’t realize I was acting that particular way. They push me to be better than what I was, and push me to be better than what I am now. Bromances will assist you in the war against yourself.

5. Bromances boost your confidence. 

Just being with my bro is enough to boost my confidence. I’ll be out and about with one of my bros, and that in and of itself is enough to make me feel better about myself. Part of it is that you’re with someone you’re naturally comfortable around. That helps bring you out of your shell. Having the extra self esteem boost from your bro is enough to encourage you to take over the world, or finally ask that special girl out for a date.

6. Bromances fight loneliness. 

Loneliness is real. I’ve experienced it. Unfortunately, everybody has at some point or another, and nothing kicks you in the stomach more than feeling all alone in the world.

Bromances help fight against loneliness because you’re surrounding yourself with people—particularly those you’re well connected with. They will be there for you. Whenever I feel left out from reality, I make sure to spend time with my bros as soon as I can. Problem solved.

7. Bromances make you a better man.

They make you a better man because you’re surrounding yourself with other great men. Whether they’re bros who are similar aged, younger, or way older, they’re there to help you grow. Great men forge greater men. You affect them just like they’re affecting you. It’s a trade off of greatness, and the more bromances you have, the more you grow—the greater you become.

Us guys need each other so much more than we realize. We need to surround ourselves with bros. We need bromances.

Of course, you can live without them, but that doesn’t mean you should. As I’ve stated above, I’ve given you seven reasons why they’re so important.

Brothers need each other. 

It’s a war out there. Your brothers are your brothers in arms, and they’re there to fight with you. They want you to succeed, to see you grow, become greater and show the world your confidence.

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