11 Characteristics of Bravery


Bravery is so much more than overcoming fears. Everything you do requires some leap of faith, and some may not take because they have yet to find bravery in their hearts.

What gives you the nudge to be brave? 

We can’t throw bravery under the bus with a pale definition of doing something you’re afraid of—it’s so much deeper rooted. A man without bravery knows no success and has no stories to tell…it is not easily defined.

While I cannot tackle the entirety of the topic, here are the 11 characteristics of bravery.

1. Bravery gets up in the morning.

We’d be lying to ourselves if we claimed to have never experienced that dread in the morning, realizing that we have to face the world, or even just simple everyday tasks. We have been drained by everyday life, but bravery means tackling the simplest of difficulties, even telling yourself to get up. We aren’t promised an easy life, so don’t expect mornings to be easy, either. Maybe you’re not a morning person, but don’t let it be your excuse anymore. Be brave.

2. Bravery means sticking to your word. 

This means that you’ve made a commitment to do something, but as the event draws near, you start to feel anxiety. You’ve made up a million reasons why you don’t want to go—even why you shouldn’t go. You probably don’t have anything preventing the occasion. But, to be brave means that you’ll fulfill your commitment. Unless you have a strong, legitimate reason against going, bravery will see you there. Your word is only as good as you are brave.

3. Bravery is bold. 

I feel like those words are nearly interchangeable. Have you ever felt the tugging at your heart strings, telling you to do something bold? You’ve got the draw and the desire to be bold, but do you have the bravery to do it? See, they might be interchangeable, but they’re also building off of each other. You want to be bold, but you also have to be brave. Sometimes you just have to go and do it.

4. Bravery means serving.

In this current era, it seems that it’s all about me, me, me. We don’t take the time for others, yet expect others to take their time for us. It’s selfish, really. No one gives just for the sake of giving. There must always be a reward, or a pay back. But, the brave man knows that his valiant acts of servitude are his way of displaying gratefulness. Bravery doesn’t demand pay for being a servant, it means giving up things for another in our service towards them.

5. Bravery is kind. 

Some of us have built around us a safe haven that has put restrictions against even the simplest acts of kindness. It’s called our insecurities. The brave man knows no such thing. When we live with insecurities, we are holding back a very important part of ourselves from others: our kindness. Bravery means smiling when we can’t, and giving good words to others when we’re denied encouragement ourselves.

6. Bravery means vulnerability.

In this sense, it means being friends with others. Even the simple decision to be someone’s friend requires being brave because you’re opening up to that person. You’re being vulnerable…and that’s sometimes terrifying. But, it can also be the best thing you’ve ever done. Bravery is creating bonds with your brothers that reveal your heart to one another; the true depth of being vulnerable.


7. Bravery means loving someone. 

The pursuit of someone can be a wonderful from the beginning or it can have lots of difficulties. In all honesty, the latter is almost always the reality. Being brave, in regards to loving someone, is giving a part of yourself to that person…perhaps even going to the extent of forever giving yourself to them. If you’re not brave in loving someone, you won’t even get beyond the simple glances and blushes of being around them. It means showing yourself to them, unlike any way you ever have before.

8. Bravery means loving yourself. 

It’s all too easy to get caught up in all the negativity that’s constantly being thrown at us, even the attacks that come from ourselves. It only takes one wrong, hurtful statement towards our confidence to shatter it. These wounds are never easy to overcome, but it is possible. Just as bravery means opening up and loving someone else, it also means drawing back on the self hate and loving yourself. Trust me, this really is an act of bravery. Be honest and don’t beat yourself up because of mistakes you’ve made in your past—those do not have to define your tomorrow.?Bravery will see that you start accepting truths about yourself, not constantly denying them because someone disagrees.

9. Bravery is influential.

It encourages others to do things beyond what they thought they were capable of doing because they’ve seen you do it. Being brave can affect many because you can’t control who sees it. You can’t stop someone from wanting to be brave themselves from your example. Being brave shows others that they, too, have what it takes.

10. Bravery takes a stand. 

Around us everywhere and everyday, we are surrounded by common injustices. “Someone has to do something about this!” you think, but bravery will make you realize that you’re that someone who has to take the stand. Leaning on others is a part of being brave, but it also means serving others and letting them lean on you. Bravery takes a stand. It doesn’t even have to be a big stand, or even anything really noticeable. But, if someone makes a blatantly incorrect statement that really bothers you, stand strong and speak up, especially for things that you’re deeply passionate about.

11. Bravery means trusting in God. 

Not everyone we cross paths with will trust or have any form of faith. In my case, I trust in God. We are not in control of this world. God wants us to trust in Him more than anything. He may ask us to give up something that we treasure dearly, only to give us something even greater. This requires us to be brave because we have to give up control over our lives. We have to surrender ourselves to Him. That is the deepest form of vulnerability, spiritual vulnerability, because we’re giving ourselves over to God—the highest act of being brave.

Maybe we never really think about what it means to be brave because it’s just used in the context of simply being brave. Other times, it’s something that we should take into deep consideration.

Bravery lies inside the heart of every great man. A man without bravery is someone who never wakes up in the morning and attempts to start the day. That’s why I started off with waking up because it’s the first step towards accomplishing greatness. First comes being brave, then comes greatness.

It isn’t always that easy. Something has to push us in the right direction. For me, it’s often a strong feeling that originates from my heart. Sometimes it probably isn’t even me that demands I be brave, but God. That being said, what demands your inner bravery is different from mine–you are brave by your own standards.

What more can I say? I think there’s one last thing that I should state before closing—something simple, but difficult: be brave. 

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  1. Manasseh October 31, 2016 at 3:48 pm #

    I must confess, this is the best site for every man and woman that needs to grow up. I a m happy I found this site.

  2. Mandi June 13, 2019 at 11:14 pm #

    Thank you, John, for your truly inspiring and insightful article! This is exactly what I needed for my 10 year old who constantly feels he fails at bravery. In reality, he’s always been among the bravest kid I know! Now, hearing it from a cool guy’s article, he is more inclined to believe his successes at bravery. Thank you for that!


  3. Ricardo Milos July 17, 2019 at 2:00 pm #

    This is something aggressive that i should practice!

  4. Danny Devito October 22, 2019 at 8:18 pm #

    Sup sup sup ,this aviwas epic oyo


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