6 Steps to Become the Man of Her Dreams on the First Date

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6 Steps to Become the Man of Her Dreams on the First Date

First date.

A lot has been written on this topic and this might be the hundredth time you are reading another post. You can only do so much going out with someone for the first time, before going steady.

For some, a first date is no big deal. But for others, it requires truckloads of planning and preparation. Why is that? It is because they want to make a great first impression when they meet a potential partner for the first time. Who knows what destiny has in store, right?

Every woman wants to meet or at least hopes to meet Mr. Right someday. If you think you are a good catch and want to indicate that you are indeed the ‘man of her dreams’ in the first meet, here are some points to put into action:

Plan in Advance

Whether you are meeting your date at a theme park, a musical concert or a high-end restaurant, planning a date is a step you can never willingly (or unwillingly) choose to ignore.

Decide the date, day, time and venue well in advance.

This gives both you and your date sufficient time to prepare. And let me tell you, girls do like to prepare for their date, especially the first one!

Planning things well will ensure that you spend quality time with your date and use the extra time to let her know you a little bit more.

Look Dapper

Looking great is an essential part of ‘datiquettes’ and all dating rulebooks are replete with tips on ‘what to wear’ and ‘what not to wear’ on your first date.

Because women make a lot of effort to look their best on a date, why not return the favor?

Here’s our quick take on grooming to impress on your first date:

  • Take your pick from a good pair of shoes that complement your outfit. You may not realize it, but it is a fact that a man’s shoes do tell a lot about his personality.
  • Don’t wear too strong a cologne. A mild fragrance that lingers just slightly, is an option that you can try. Alternatively, you can do with splashing some cologne.
  • Wear outfits depending upon the season, the occasion and the place. Additionally, make sure that you feel comfortable in the outfits and not just for the sake of impressing your date (and ending up looking ill at ease).
  • Get a haircut and trim your beard if needed.

Or you can just look at this men’s grooming guide to get a better idea.

Keep Your Body Language In Check

Non-verbal communication such as your body language, plays an important role, especially when you meet someone to make an impression. It can give away a lot of things about you even before you have the chance to speak to your date.

The way you make eye contact, the nodding of your head, the way you eat, everything is going to be scrutinized by your date and if you are not watchful, then you are most likely to give the wrong cues to your date.

Here are some instant hacks that will help your cause:

  • Maintain eye contact while talking to your date as it shows your confidence.
  • It is good to smile occasionally but don’t go overboard with it.
  • Lean in a little while conversing to show you are genuinely interested.
  • Playing with your fingers, hair or fiddling with your smartphone is a sign of nervousness. It can also make you look disinterested. Avoid this at any cost.
  • Be natural and don’t try to imitate anyone or come up with gestures you have never tried in your entire lifetime!
  • While talking, match your date’s tone and volume, unless she is too loud.

Be Articulate

It is true that not everyone is a glib talker or is as articulate as others, but trying never hurt anyone!

Come prepared with a vague idea about the topics you want to discuss, based on your date’s or your mutual interest. In case you are going on a blind date and have no clue about them whatsoever, ask questions about their work, passions, hobbies, likes and dislikes etc.

Alternatively, you can ask them questions and patiently listen as they answer and don’t forget to give them genuine compliments from time to time.

Say NO to Foot-In-Mouth Situations

To make a right impression on your date, it is important that you come across as congenial, honest and good-natured. While you do need to have a cheerful disposition, smile when they talk to you, drop ample hints that you are interested in them, there are a few areas where you wouldn’t want to go only to end up with the foot-in-mouth.

  • No matter what happens, just don’t speak foul about your ex (or even theirs). This has high potentials to leave a bad impression about you.
  • Don’t brag about your many flings of the past as it may not be appreciated by all. There is no pride hidden in being a ‘Casanova’ and until and unless you want to be labeled as one, just steer clear of this.
  • There may be topics during the conversation on which you may strongly disagree. But hold your horses and never let any discussion go to a point where you vehemently and most aggressively start elaborating on why you disagree.

These are a few instances of red flags in the dating game, which you can easily avoid by being positive throughout.

Embrace Chivalry Like a Boss!

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some are plain chivalrous!

Being old-schooled will get you brownie points on your first date as women love to be pampered and getting attention all the time. It makes them feel immensely special.

Small gestures such as opening and holding the door, pulling out the chair for her, arriving for the date on time, picking them up from their homes, walking them up to the front door, helping her up a difficult stair, letting them order from the menu, etc. will establish the fact that you are chivalrous in shouty capitals!

These little acts of chivalry are enough to sweep most women off their feet.

To wrap it up, whether it is your first date or the last one, these tips will help you make a great impression on your partner. And if everything goes as per your plans, then you can also land a second date and a string of many dates soon enough!

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