Be Like Hercules and Embrace Your Destiny


Tonight I saw The Legend of Hercules. Critics weren’t so kind to the movie, but do they ever like pure action movies? Renny Harlin unapologetically made a movie combining every man’s favorite film into one, and guess what? It was great, and there’s a message every guy needs to hear.

Hercules is the son of Zeus…just in case you’re sheltered. In the movie, he falls in love with Princess Hebe and is so overcome and infatuated by her, he refuses to consider his identity as the son of a Greek god. In fact, he doesn’t even believe Zeus exists. All he cares about is having fun and being in love, but he has a destiny larger than he can comprehend. He’s told if he doesn’t embrace his calling, not only will it result in his own ruin, but he will also lose the princess. When he finally acknowledges his father, and walks in what he was created to do, he becomes unstoppable.

Guys buy into a lie as fictional as Hercules myth. It’s the lie that having a girl will  make your life perfect. That lie will lead to your ruin. You’ve seen friends who’ve bought into it, and you know who they are. They are the ones who disappear when they start dating. It seems like overnight they become spineless, boring, apathetic, and skinny fat. Every once in awhile the relationship lasts, and he officially becomes a zombie; but more times than not, every ounce of life is drained before he’s left lonely, broken and crashing from codependency.

Stop building girls up to be mythological goddesses, and start building your own legend. Just like Hercules, you will risk losing her if you don’t go after your calling. As a man, you are a leader, and you should be a leader in your relationship as well. A relationship is made up of  1 part pant and 1 part dress. If you aren’t wearing the pants in the relationship, you’re wearing the dress. That might be fine for some of your guys, but this site probably isn’t for you. Just like Renny Harlin makes unapologetic actions movies for guys, this site is devoted to unlocking the full potential of every guy. I like the tagline of the movie. “Every man has a destiny.” You do…embrace it.



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  1. David March 29, 2014 at 9:29 pm #

    As Christians, aren`t we all ‘Sons and Daughters of Zeus’? I like this! thank you for the Article!


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