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Every guy has gentleman ability. If you want to attract a lady, then be a gentleman, because you will attract what you are. It’s the law of attraction. Don’t expect a 10 if you don’t measure up. A 10 attracts a 10.

We are born to be our highest selves, and a gentleman is a form of a man being his highest self.

Maybe you weren’t born into a great family, but it’s important you know your identity. The beginnings of a being a gentleman start with knowing your true identity. When you strip the money, clothes, and awards away, who are you? You need to believe in yourself.

Believe you are of noble birth

In the Far East, “the term Jūnzǐ (君子) …meaning “son of a ruler”, “prince” or “noble,” is similar to the Western idea of a gentleman.

Listen to your self-talk. Would you be willing to tell yourself you are a noble, a prince, a son of a ruler? Being a gentleman isn’t just about action. It’s a welling up from within. As we discussed in 21 Lost Gentleman Traditions, there is meaning behind the etiquette.

Welcome to Episode 7 of Relationships Radio.

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In this episode, you will discover the importance of: 

  • Working on yourself: If it’s just an act, it won’t last. What happens when you finally win her over? What happens when the true self is revealed? If there isn’t a strong foundation, the relationship will begin to falter.
  • Having expectations (for yourself and the woman you want to be with): A gentleman lives above the standard. Act higher than what’s expected.
  • Getting training: The code of chivalry was taught when a child was growing up. It became ingrained. What if you grew up in a culture where chivalry doesn’t exist? If you’re dating a girl who values chivalry, let go of your ego, and invest in the relationship. According to Kristen, ladies want a man they can trust.

Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company and reflection must finish him. John Locke

  • Being humble: A gentleman opens a door for a woman because he recognizes her worth.1509 King Henry had his troop of gentleman. They were protectors of the nobility. A gentleman protects her because he acknowledges her nobleness. However, a gentleman’s actions aren’t just for the ladies. A gentleman acknowledges the importance of every human being.

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One Response to Be A Gentleman [Podcast]

  1. Jorge M September 29, 2014 at 2:22 am #

    Hi there
    guys! Thanks for the podcast. Love the fact that everything revolves around looking
    forward to protect strength, not something fragile. I don’t think the world values
    gentlemen and ladies anymore but who cares? We have to find the motivation to
    become our best from within ourselves, instead of just becoming what society
    expects from us. I also found super interesting how in order to become a
    gentleman, you have to deal with opposites and balance your identity, I mean: first
    we start acknowledging that we came from noble origins but then, we can’t let
    that thought make us conceited, because the core of being a gentleman is to become
    a knight, who is humble enough to serve God, the king, the ladies and the
    peasants with dignity. Have a great week you two! PEACE!

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