11 Bad Boyfriend Types You Don’t Want to Be

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11 Bad Boyfriend Types You Don’t Want to Be

As men we all have different personalities. For some of us charm comes easily, while social awkwardness will be a lifetime struggle for others. Some of us are romantics at heart and can write love letters yards long, while a simple “I love you” is the most romantic thing some can write. It’s okay, we’re all different. Luckily, women are too.

There’s no set type of boyfriend that you should be other than the best that you personally and possibly can. But, with all that being said, here are 11 bad boyfriend types you DON’T want to be:

The Flake

If you said you’d be there, then be there. Sooner or later your girl will tire of explaining to people, “He SAID he’d come.” A gentleman’s word is his bond. Few circumstances will keep him from his commitments.

gentleman's word

The Recluse

You’re going to meet her friends and her family; that’s for sure if the relationship progresses. Build connections with them. Don’t be the boyfriend who interacts solely with his girl and ignores everyone else in her life. For shy guys, meeting family and friends can be intimidating, but don’t let that stop you from trying to get along with them as well as possible.

The Cheapskate

Should the guy pay on a date? A hot topic right now, but in the end, don’t be the guy who expects her to pay on any given situation. Don’t be entitled.

The Workaholic

I get it, your job is important. School is important. Maybe you’re like me and juggling college AND a job. It’s a good thing to prioritize work and school. But, you also need to prioritize your girl. One of the most valuable things a man can give his woman is his time. Don’t be the man who sets her aside in the sole pursuit of other things.

11 Bad Boyfriend Types You Don't Want to Be As men we all have different personalities. For some of us charm comes easily, while social awkwardness will be a lifetime struggle for others.

The Self-Righteous

Saying you’re sorry when you did something wrong is hard for everyone. It goes against our naturally prideful nature. Don’t be the boyfriend who never admits fault. When you’re wrong, just man up to it.

The Performer

She loves you for you, or, at least she wants to. But does she really know who you are? Putting on a mask to hide our pain and insecurities is something we learn to do from a young age. But, when we get close to people those masks break eventually. Then, we’re left looking like we’ve lied. Be an authentic man…not one who won her over with a character that’s not really you.

The Jerk

Be a decent guy; not just to your girl, but to everyone around you. Your girlfriend should never feel embarrassed by the fact that she’s dating you because of your attitude.

The Flirt

Other women don’t stop being attractive when you start dating someone. But, you can control your actions and that includes flirting. It can add a lot of strain and insecurity to your relationship if your girl constantly feels like she doesn’t have your full attention. Devote yourself to her if you made a commitment to be her boyfriend. Don’t live with one foot in each world.

The Player

I mean this in the terms of playing mind games. Be direct and straight-forward while still being tactful. As often as dating is called a game, it really isn’t, nor should it be treated as one. Don’t be the boyfriend that she’s STILL trying to decode even after you have started dating.

The Doormat

Be bold. Go for what you want. Be firm in your beliefs. It’s okay to bend a bit for your girlfriend or even other people if you want to help them out and be kind. But, there’s a difference between helping others and turning into a doormat. People can and will walk all over you. Don’t be that boyfriend who’s constantly being steamrolled. Chances are your girl wants a man who’ll stand up for her and himself, not back down the moment conflict arises.

The Narcissist

The relationship is all about “us” and “we,” not “you” and “me.” It’s okay to attend to your own needs and even your own wants, but there’s a solid line between taking care of yourself and being completely narcissistic. You’ll alienate more than just your girlfriend by focusing only on yourself.

We’ve all had our moments when we’ve displayed a trait from one or all of these examples. I’ve been a jerk. I’ve played mind games. I’ve probably done some things here that I haven’t even admitted to myself yet. The important thing is to continue to grow and make sure that these actions are just mistakes we learn from, and not lifestyles that we live by.

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