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Hospital Chaplain Explains Why Spirituality is Essential for Overall Health

As a chaplain at a Level I Trauma Hospital and as a chaplain in the reserve component of the United States Military, I oversee and deal with religious, spiritual, and emotional concerns/dynamics of patients, soldiers, and their respective families. This article will hone in on why spirituality is essential for overall health and well-being of the everyday person. What is spirituality? Am I talking about a spiritual realm (i.e. heaven, talking to beings on a different plane or […]

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dealing with shame

Two Things To Know In Dealing With Shame

So there I was, summer of my junior year of college on the church pulpit…I’ve been contemplating doing this for three months now, but have put it off every single time prior to this point. I had good reason to, right? I went to a bible college. People had high opinions of me. I stared […]

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5 Ways To Get Over Porn Addiction

So you’ve come to the realization that you don’t want to watch porn anymore, but you realize that giving up porn is bit tougher than you thought? My credibility for this article? I was a porn addict. Just because I say “was” doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with the thoughts and images that have polluted […]

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The 10 Unbeatable Ways A Good Guy Leads

Everyone admires a leader. Men were created to lead, and I’m not talking about leading in an authoritative, douchey way. I’m not talking about the alpha-male way either. Whether you consider yourself a leader or not, every guy has a leader within. It just takes a little confidence, consistent development of character and sharp situational awareness to bring it out. Men […]

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