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Authentic Manly Strength

4 Conditions of Authentic Manly Strength

A myth is thrust upon us and perpetuated by the same false pretenses it seeks to convey: strength is something masculine, physical and unyielding. Our egos love this idea of a self serving false bravado and it has embraced us like shining armor, giving us a sense of superiority. When strength is something you exert […]

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The Final Word on Procrastination

The final word on procrastination And a few more after that… As I put pen to paper, speaking figuratively of course, I am recruiting every anti-procrastination muscle I have been attempting to develop and am endeavoring to impart in this short and hopefully entertaining story. So if you are about to dispatch this wisdom until […]

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5 Tips For Getting Better Sleep

My pursuit to a good night’s sleep did not happen out of some profound desire to increase a skill set that I always thought came quite naturally to me. While serving in the military I perfected falling asleep faster than Justin Beiber’s yellow Lamborghini achieves the mile-per-minute mark. Flash forward to my 40’s and introduce […]

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