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Male identity

The Role of a Mother in Male Identity

Last week we discussed how a father impacts identity. Today we’ll discuss how important and necessary a mother is in male identity formation. My mom greatly impacted my masculine identity. As a child, she took me to help the homeless at the soup kitchen on the weekends. I hated it. It smelled. The floors were […]

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Is Shame Affecting You?

Shame: Is It Affecting Your Life and You Don’t Know It?

Shame and identity: a conversation with Mike Foster, author of People of the Second Chance and founder of People of the Second Chance, an organization created to “empower people to overcome life’s setbacks…” Setbacks and injustices can lead to shame. As psychologist Judith Herman explains, “Shame is a response to helplessness, the violation of bodily integrity, and […]

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waiting until marriage

Waiting Until Marriage: Premarital Abstinence with Purpose

When Kristen and I made the decision to wait until marriage, we thought we were making a rare, perhaps abnormal decision. Little did we know, a “waiting until marriage movement” was under way. In 2015, fitness model John Prather wrote about how he waited for marriage. Then, singer Ciara revealed she and Seattle Seahawks quarterback […]

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