7 Ways to Leave Your Mark On Our Generation

Ways to leave a mark on your generation

Where are we headed?

I am destined to become one of the adults in the next generation.

But my generation has some things to work on.

We focus too much on what’s wrong. And it’s not minor things like I stole a cookie, but it’s more like I just got laid wrong. We’re not all bad, mind you, but those of us who are working to better ourselves…those numbers are slim.

Young men my age are disrespecting girls and women and, honestly, it’s infuriating. Simple values, like respect, haven’t been passed down. Few have gained integrity, but even fewer choose to pass it on to others.

I haven’t lost hope. But it’s too often that those who want change, like myself, don’t know how to leave an impact on people who just don’t care.

We have lost morals, respect, responsibilities, and have fallen into the dreaded stereotypes. I look around at my peers, and I’m concerned about the future.

We’ve faced stereotypes and the messiness of teenage dating. Now, we face the next challenge: leaving our mark.

I wanted change, I wanted someone to do something. Then, it hit me–I was that someone.

How do we leave our mark? How do we make an impact?

Here are 7 ways to leave your mark on our generation:

1. Be willing to serve. Jesus sets the perfect example on how we should serve when he washed his followers’ feet. Wecan’t always be perfect, but we can try our hardest to help those around us.

2. Respect your trainers. No, I’m not talking about a fitness trainer, I’m talking about anyone who was put over you and has impacted your life. Parents, elders,
teachers, and anyone else who’s helped you change.

3. Stand out. But not in a cocky way–through integrity. Easier said than done. Anyone can conform to the crowd, but real bravery is when you refuse to be like everyone else. Stand out by being that one guy who just will not cuss, or by not disrespecting girls. People should see that there’s something different about you.

4. Prepare for persecution. People will criticize you for being different. It’s inevitable. So be ready, because wanting change and being different will bring haters.

5. Have a plan. Who do you want to impact? What do you want to do to leave your mark? It’s always good to have a plan. And it’s never a bad idea to set a plan up with your parents or guardian for your future. After all, you’re going to be an adult one day.

6. Strive for change. This might seem redundant, but you have to want it. You have to fight for it. Change doesn’t come over night; it’s going to take time, and you’ll have to wait for it to reach its maximum impact.

7. Leave your mark. One thing I’ve seen often is, “A man tries to make his mark, a gentleman tries to leaves a mark.” You end a conversation with people who need to find their own change, leave them thinking there’s something different about you, and you’ve left your mark.

We all need to change. I’m not, nor is God, asking for perfection, but to try your best at striving for a change in yourself and in our generation of teenagers. You can’t change everyone, but you can show them what change has done in your life.

Change always starts with you. It always comes back to you. Without you, there may not be change. Make the right choice, strive for change and leave your mark everywhere you go.

Three percent of the American population insisted on fighting for freedom from the British, and succeeded. Such a small amount of people were able to change an entire nation. If we teamed up for an honest change in this generation, chances are, we could accomplish greatness…our future would be brighter than it’s ever been before for any other generation.

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2 Responses to 7 Ways to Leave Your Mark On Our Generation

  1. Mac Benjamin March 4, 2016 at 5:16 pm #

    John, you’re already making a mark, an imprint, in many of us who are reading this, that will remain forever engraved on our hearts and minds!!!
    I’m so glad and grateful that you wrote this article. It feels so good to know that there are many like-minded youths, like you, who are seeking to stand out from this polluted youth culture!
    Great article man, keep it up, it’s really got me motivated!!!

    • John Haskins March 7, 2016 at 10:52 pm #

      Thanks, man! I’m glad to hear it!

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