The 7 Traits of a Fighter

Fighter traits

7 Fighter Traits

Do you fight for the things you love? 

We are men and we are fighters. This calling is inside of us. I don’t mean punching your way out of difficult situations, but a certain call to fight that we all feel—at one point or another—and it’s our job to respond to the call effectively.

We were designed and evolved with the goal of protecting and fighting in mind. Sometimes protection and fighting are one in the same, but it’s the cause that sets the difference. For the purpose of this article, I will highlight the fighter that resides in all men.

The fighter; the one we all look up to. The fighter is a hero for many, and feared by those he defeats. It doesn’t necessarily mean fighting physically against others. Sometimes fighting means turning the other cheek—no matter how hard that may be. How do you know who a fighter is, and what are the traits you should adapt? Here are the 7 fighter traits.

1. He doesn’t give up easily. 

The fighter is someone who fights with a cause, and for the things he loves. He fights with passion, and a strong passion at that. You can’t send men who aren’t passionate about the freedom and protection of our country off to war—they simple won’t fight with the enthusiasm of a diehard patriot. Because of his undying passion, the fighter is not one to give up ground and quit easily.

2. The fighter doesn’t fight a battle he knows he’ll lose. 

Never should anyone fight a war that they don’t have any chance of winning—that’s plain foolishness. This is a very important aspect of a fighter with a healthy sense of fighting. He won’t fight something he cannot win.

He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.” Sun Tzu

It isn’t quitting when winning just isn’t meant to be (when you’re arguing a cause and your reasoning behind it starts to crumble). Rather than keep arguing, you should stop and admit that you’re wrong. 

Sometimes the fighter has to surrender for the greater good of the cause. As author Andrew Loeschner pointed out, a fighter will fight few battles that he knows he can’t win for the protection of others. But in the end, if those people are safe, did he really lose? 

3. The fighter is brave. 

In my last article, I discussed the characteristics of bravery. The fighter is brave because he’s facing enemies unlike anyone else will ever face. These enemies are unique to every man. We are not talking about an enemy country who threatens our safety (though that definitely requires bravery!), but rather the fact that it takes a fighter to overcome anything that is thrown against you.

Oh, how easy it is to just lay in bed and forget about the troubles of life. But, the fighter fights against life’s problems, verbal attacks, the enemy, those who threaten his family, and even spiritual warfare. He’s brave because of it.

4. The fighter is prepared. 

Everything in life is preparing you for your upcoming steps, and a fighter knows this. He treats life as a way of preparing himself for whatever comes next. Preparation is very important, and the fighter trains throughout the day, using the day as his training. He’s prepared for the next day because of his readiness from yesterday.

5. The fighter knows what’s right. 

We’re all geared with a conscious, the small voice that tells us we shouldn’t be doing something. The fighter develops his discernment and his understandings of right and wrong, and he knows what’s right. He looks at the cause he’s fighting for, considers it deeply, and asks the question, Is what I’m fighting for the right thing? Not only does he know what’s right, but…

6. The fighter does what’s right. 

Can it get any simpler? Brothers, doing what’s right in that crucial moment is possibly the most difficult thing that anyone will every have to face. These moments happen often in our lives. Doing what’s right is just that; doing the right thing.

Sometimes, the right thing doesn’t include what’s best for you. Life is a great thing far beyond just you. What you do today affects someone in their tomorrow. Your right decision builds up. The fighter fights for others, not just himself.

7. The fighter is disciplined. 

You don’t have disrespectful men taking orders and successfully fulfilling their duties. Well trained, respectful, and disciplined individuals fight for the greater good.

Doing what’s right takes a lot of mental discipline. But, we’re not just talking mental discipline, but also physical discipline. So much of the evil that we see today is carried out in the physical world. That’s why having control over the impulsive decisions that affect your actions is important. Physical discipline means the fighter will work hard for the future reward.

While it may seem like I’ve describing the war hero from ancient times, that’s not the case. I was describing you.

We’re all fighters. We have the ability to take a stand in some way, shape or form, and we all have the discernment to understand if it’s the right stand to take. We have the control over our bodies to take a stand, and to engage in the fight. We all have the ability to fight.

Fighters aren’t mindless, they take things into serious consideration before they take action. That’s incredibly important, too.

We are fighters. We are in a war. And we have to fight. You can’t stand by and hope your problems disappear. You have to take action and fight against them. It isn’t always physical, and most of the time, it’s not an actual war.

We all have the locked potential to be a fighter. It’s inside of us all. We are already given reason—family, loved ones, injustices, religion, our country—to fight. The question is, will you?


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