6 Healthy Snacks You Can Keep in Your Car

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About a year ago, one of my friends believed a huge earthquake was going to hit LA.  She prepared a survival kit list of things she sent through email to all of our friends.  As I scanned through the list, I realized I didn’t need to get much.  My car was already stocked!  Being in sales, I’m always on the run and on the road.  I keep food and ample water stocked not for survival reasons, but to stay ripped and live a healthy lifestyle.  You can have a corporate job, a family, and still be lean and mean.  Anyone in fitness will tell you it’s all about diet and nutrition.  Control what you eat.  One of the easiest ways is to keep the right snacks in your car.  I’ve prepared a list of healthy snacks I keep in my car.  Whether you’re on the run, out of gas in the middle of nowhere, a disaster zone, or just wanting a late night snack after going to a club or an event; here’s what you can store:

6 Healthy Snacks You Can Keep In Your Car

  1. Almonds:  Sam’s or Costco have 3 lb. bags of all-natural whole almonds (no added salt) in the baking section.  Almonds rank the highest out of tree nuts for protein, fiber, and vitamin E.  One handful is about 23 almonds, which is about 160 calories.  This is the daily recommendation so don’t go overboard every time you get in the car.
  2. Protein bars:  I keep a box of bars in my car, but eat only one a day.  Depending on the time of year, my favorite is VPX’s Zero Impact Pumpkin bars.  Once fall hits, it’s pumpkin everything for me.  This bar has 30 g of protein and 415 calories, which is pretty high, but I’m putting on size in the fall.  If you want a lower calorie choice, the Detour Caramel Peanut bars are smaller and have only 180 calories.  Not sure if this applies to all Sam’s Clubs, but I stocked up a few months ago when they were selling 24-packs for $19.99.
  3. Bananas:  At the beginning of the week, I’ll buy a bunch when they are green.  They usually last till Friday even when they are baking from the heat.  Bananas are a super food and are high in potassium and B6.
  4. Tuna:  Back when I used to drive 2 hours everyday, I would keep Starkist Light Tuna in Water pouches and plastic spoons in my car.  If there wasn’t a healthy lunch option around, I’d eat straight from the pouch.  One packet has 36 g of protein and only 180 calories.  Just make sure you immediately throw the packet away.  The juice can spill out, and obviously doesn’t leave a refreshing odor.
  5. Rice Cakes:  Only 7 calories a rice cake.  I used to keep them in my car for a good post-workout snack.  My wife really likes the Quaker Cheddar Minis.
  6. Baby Food:  Yeah, that’s right.  The first time I heard about it and tried it, I thought I’d be nauseous.  One spoon of sweet potato baby food changed that in an instant.  It’s really good.  Bodybuilders have used baby food over the years because it’s easy to pack, clean to travel with, and a jar is simply made of sweet potatoes and water.  Only 80 calories for a 4 oz. bottle.

In addition to these snacks, make sure you keep plenty of water stocked.  I drink at least a gallon of water a day.  Rather than trying to measure it out, I just do it the ole meathead way…a full gallon.  I keep at least 3 jugs behind the passenger seat of the car.  If I’m stuck in traffic and getting thirsty, my right arm grabs one behind the seat, and the problem is solved.  My wife buys the 24-pack of the 16.9 oz. bottles for her car, but even she starts drinking out of my gallon jugs when we are on the road.

One of the best ways to speed up your metabolism and get ripped is by eating every 3 hours.  Keeping your car stocked with the right snacks can help keep you on track.  Hopefully some of these suggestions will help you with healthy living.

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2 Responses to 6 Healthy Snacks You Can Keep in Your Car

  1. Jonathan October 3, 2013 at 3:34 am #

    You’ve got good taste, man! I picked up some rice cakes this week. Hadn’t tried them before, but they’re pretty great.

    I have a question about the baby food, though. Are you recommending sweet potato baby food in particular here, or are some other kinds just as good? I’m wondering because even though I’m willing to try the baby food suggestion, I’m really not a fan of sweet potatoes.

    • Kris Wolfe October 4, 2013 at 4:13 am #

      I dig rice cakes too. It’s my dessert after a workout.

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