50 Gentlemanly Tips To Remember On A Date

50 Gentlemanly Tips To Remember On A Date

Gentility is neither in birth, wealth, or fashion, but in the mind. A high sense of honor, a determination never to take a mean advantage of another, adherence to truth, delicacy and politeness…are the essential characteristics of a gentleman. –Cecil B. Hartley

No man is born a gentleman, so how can he remember gentlemanly tips on a date? Politeness, manners, chivalry, respect and honor are taught. You can learn these principles through your family, experience, or you can read about them.

Have an upcoming date? Here are some tips to keep in mind. Been dating awhile? It’s never too late to start.

50 Gentlemanly Tips To Remember On A Date

  1. Make plans with her a few days in advance
  2. Get reservations or tickets beforehand
  3. Be punctual
  4. If meeting her at the venue, get up and greet her
  5. If picking her up, open the door for her
  6. Offer to carry her bags
  7. It’s ok to kiss her on the cheek when greeting her
  8. Help her take her jacket off
  9. Give her the best seat
  10. Pull out her chair
  11. Turn off your cell phone
  12. Maintain good (not creepy) eye contact
  13. Escort her when walking
  14. Offer your jacket if it’s cold
  15. Walk beside her closest to the street
  16. Be a good listener
  17. Don’t interrupt
  18. Be humble
  19. Don’t gossip
  20. She doesn’t need your advice unless she asks for it
  21. Wait to sit until she’s seated
  22. Inside, escort her on your left arm
  23. When leaving a room, walk through the door first
  24. Don’t overdrink
  25. Use that napkin. Put it in your lap
  26. Don’t talk with food in your mouth
  27. If it’s raining, offer her your umbrella
  28. Pay for dinner
  29. Don’t make her wait. Call her first
  30. Prioritize returning her calls or texts
  31. Get her home at a decent time
  32. Don’t overstay your welcome
  33. Be polite to the waiter/waitress
  34. Compliment her
  35. Offer your hand when she exits the car
  36. Dress appropriate to the date
  37. Take a shower fellow hipster (shampoo too)
  38. Take off your hat indoors
  39. If she drops something, be the first to pick it up
  40. Exhibit self-control
  41. Don’t cuss
  42. Apologize if it’s your fault
  43. Never leave her alone outside
  44. Don’t smoke unless she does too
  45. Bring flowers, not carnations
  46. Be genuine
  47. Don’t walk too fast if she’s in heels
  48. Don’t be sexist
  49. Don’t cut in line
  50. Don’t stare at other women

Coming from Missouri, I was raised with Midwestern values, but it wasn’t until I began dating a Southern girl that I discovered more specific ettiquette (mostly from her mom). Curious, I read Cecil B. Hartley’s book, The Gentleman’s Book of Etiquette.

You might not be dating a Southern girl, so gauge what your girl values.

And don’t be too legalistic about fulfilling every one. As Cecil also wrote, “To make your politeness part of yourself, inseparable from every action, is the height of gentlemanly elegance and finish of manner.”

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  1. alibabarouge January 3, 2015 at 12:11 am #

    51. be very handsome (blond is better)
    52. be rich

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