22 Gentlemanly Resolutions for 2015


As I reflect on 2014, I’ve been thinking about what I need to reach for as a man, and I’ve also considered what I’ve been seeing through writing on this site, and what I’ve gleaned from the men’s groups I lead.

Making a gentlemanly resolution is providing an answer to a problem or conflict, but rather than focusing on the problems, I wrote these resolutions to encourage and build men. We’ve been criticized and beaten down long enough. Will you join me in becoming a better man in 2015?

There are 22 resolutions I wrote down. My wife felt there were too many, but after I scanned this list, I believe they are all equally important.

Gentlemanly Resolutions 2015

  1. I will embrace my strength, but I will practice it in humility.
  2. I will commit myself to plans and will be on time.
  3. I will serve somewhere with my gifts (time, talent, treasure).
  4. I will boldly devote myself to becoming a better man.
  5. I will surround myself with people I want to be like.
  6. I will demonstrate with actions, not words.
  7. I will be a good listener.
  8. I will dream big, and write short-term and long-term goals.
  9. I will be confident, and carry myself like a king.
  10. I will embody integrity, and will not be influenced by peer pressure.
  11. I will keep hope alive even in the most difficult of situations.
  12. There is strength in numbers, so I will join a group of men. I will not isolate myself.
  13. I will fully reveal myself to safe people.
  14. I will reconnect with my father and/or find a mentor.
  15. I will submit myself to accountability so I may grow.
  16. I will seek to understand and be less judgmental.
  17. I will be humble, and understand my own limitations.
  18. I will take responsibility for my actions.
  19. I will not live in fear.
  20. I will always give my best, and when I fail, I will reject shame.
  21. I will set boundaries, and be responsible for my own happiness.
  22. I will be adventurous and I will take risks.

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