The 10 Traits of a Successful Man

Successful man

What keeps you from being a successful man? 

Success comes in all shapes and sizes, and so do men. It’s safe to assume that everyone wants to be successful in life; who doesn’t? And like all things in life, its path is difficult.

The path to success is one of the refining point in everyone’s life. When you walk down it, you encounter many obstacles. All of these obstacles play a role in teaching you something greater than simply being successful. Ultimately, they shape and refine your character.

Everyone’s path is different—each yielding its own unique twists and turns in order to enhance your life. It goes with out saying, you can’t enjoy sunshine without going through the storms.

What characteristics might you learn while on your path? Here are 10 traits of the successful man:

1. He is disciplined.

Self discipline is a very admirable character trait, and for good reasons. Ultimately, it shows that you’ll work through pain. It shows that you’re capable of progression through difficulty, despite the sometimes more than obvious fact that you want to stop—but you press on.

2. He is respectful.

Respect goes without saying. This isn’t just a key trait of someone who’s successful. Respect is the key trait of every single good guy and gentlemen alike. To be respectful you have to treat others the way you want to be treated, and sometimes even beyond that.


3. He is dependable.

Look, if he makes a commitment he’s going to be there. If it’s a difficult time in one of his brothers’ life, he’ll be there to help him through. If he’s given a deadline, he’s going to accomplish the task at hand on time. He’s the kind of guy who makes you say, “He’ll get it done, I know it!”

4. He is humble.

Someone who is successful has a way of letting you know he is, and he doesn’t speak it. He doesn’t view himself as the star player or the essential member in a group. Instead, he realizes that he is a part of the organization, and does his part well. He helps to embody the spirit of team effort.

5. He is strong. 

This doesnt necessarily mean physical strength, but sometimes it does require that kind of strength. He is strong because he works hard, and he gives a foundation for others to use and build upon. He is mentally strong; he keeps his mind focused with laser precision, and does what he puts his mind to.

6. He is teachable. 

When he makes mistakes under the supervision of someone who was placed over him, he will learn from the correction they’re supplying him with. He won’t scoff, he’ll learn. And this doesn’t always apply to learning from someone, but also with learning from you’re own mistakes. Great knowledge is gained from failure.

7. He is understanding.

For one reason or another, men have became distant with their emotional side. I can even testify this with teenage guys. But, someone who is successful understands what difficulty is like and will often help his brothers throughout their hardships. He knows that if he was in the situation, he’d want the same. He is there for others.

8. He is intelligent. 

Intelligence and success go hand in hand. In this age, it isn’t hard to get by without actually learning much. When the successful succeed, they have an entire path of learning in their days past, and they constantly reflect from it. There’s always something new to be found in his history.

9. He is persistent.

Where he has failed, he doesn’t stop. He doesn’t quit, he doesn’t complain; he gets back up, he tries again, and he keeps going. Even when others tell him to quit, he proceeds forward. He charges his day head on. He is persistent in his pursuit of success because he knows that’s the only way he’ll achieve his goals. Needless to say, he realizes that sometimes he has to quit, only because it’s what’s best.

10. He is not alone. 

Though he has his business associates, brothers, family members, and perhaps even a special someone, they may not always be there, but he knows that his God will. A successful man recognizes his place in God’s world and realizes that either he can make it more cozy for himself, or he can make it better for the sake of others. He comes before God during the days when he can’t, and asks God for the strength so that he can.

The traits of a successful man—a broad topic, really. These aren’t even necessarily success oriented alone; these applicable skills can help you become a better man. What I’ve written down only scratches the surfaces—there’s many more things out there to note and to master.

Being successful doesn’t just revolve around having money and a good social reputation.

Being successful

Success ultimately comes through the heart. If you don’t want it in your heart, what’s the point? Exactly. There isn’t one. Your drive to succeed has to stem from the roots of your heart. Without it, being successful is just  another meaningless title.

The path to success contains hardship, bumps, difficulties, differences, and the risk of failure—all things that are more than necessary to making it to the end of the road.

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