chill men's outfits for a hot day

Chill Men’s Outfits for a Hot Day

Summers can be vindictive. Keeping your cool can be a difficult task even on chill days. However, nothing should pull out the plug from your happiness on hot days when you’ve chosen to relax. We’ve come up with a list of some chill men’s outfits, especially for the good guys out there. Crisp White If you’re planning […]

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7 Don'ts of Love

The 7 Don’ts of Love

In our last article we discussed the 7 Do’s of Love. These principles can be used to bring love, and therefore a safe environment, into almost any situation. In addition to doing or demonstrating love, we also have to be aware of pitfalls in love. These walls typically evolve out of past hurts. While counseling […]

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7 Do’s of Love

She frustratingly said, “Love is sooo hard!” when Kristen and I spoke the other night. Why is love so difficult? Numbers seem to suggest we are failing at love. Current divorce statistics in the US are 50%. Half of all couples who get married get divorced! 6 out of 10 couples find their relationship unsatisfying. Over […]

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