9 Tips on How To Impress Your Girlfriend’s Mother

Your girlfriend’s mother is likely to be one of the most important people in her life, so making a good impression on your new girlfriend’s mother is key to how the relationship plays out. By meeting her mother you are taking the relationship from a casual status, to an altogether more solid one. If you […]

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Getting Real: The Beginning Of Manhood

Editor’s Note: GORDON DALBEY is the author of Healing the Masculine Soul and Sons of the Father: Healing The Father-Wound in Men Today. He lives in Santa Barbara, CA , and may be reached at He’s the father of the faith-based men’s movement. His books have greatly impacted my life, and this past November, our LA men’s group was privileged to have him […]

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The Most Important Skill To Win Her Heart

Be brief. Be bright. Be gone. This is how I communicate, and also how I like people to communicate with me, but this isn’t how communication works in dating and relationships. It’s more like… I’m going to throw a bunch of verbal and nonverbal communication at you. Be interested. Or I’m gone. Through my own […]

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7 Ways A Gentleman Protects His Girl

When a man is confident within himself, and understands his self-worth, he can be a source of strength. On the flip side, a man lacking confidence can be draining. Women are attracted to confident men because they want a protective man, just not overprotective. Men are naturals when it comes to protecting the people they care about. […]

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a good guy will rescue her over and over again

A Good Guy Will Rescue Her Over and Over Again

As a young girl, my wife Kristen wanted to be a princess and dreamt about her prince. As she says, she believes in “once upon a times” and “happily ever afters.” Now, I’m her prince. One of her favorite fairytales is “Sleeping Beauty.” She loves sleeping, but I’d say she loves this story because a […]

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