The one love song you need to win her over

The One Love Song You Need To Win Her Over

Friday sundown came and I watched from my hotel balcony as the streets below began to clear. Shops closed down. Crowds sifted away. It was Shabbat, or the Sabbath, in Jerusalem. The city grew silent. That evening, I learned one of the most important relationship lessons at a Shabbat dinner hosted by a local family. […]

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dealing with shame

Two Things To Know In Dealing With Shame

So there I was, summer of my junior year of college on the church pulpit…I’ve been contemplating doing this for three months now, but have put it off every single time prior to this point. I had good reason to, right? I went to a bible college. People had high opinions of me. I stared […]

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the masculine wasteland every man must travel

The Masculine Wasteland Every Man Must Travel

Growing up I was always amazed how many young men eagerly ran to get into relationships with young women, something I fully salute and enjoy watching to this day, but I noticed many lacked something…they did not know who they were as men. Unsatisfied men Society says that real men are the ones who have […]

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Shirt Buying Guide for Men Who Hate to Shop

Shirt Buying Guide For Men Who Hate To Shop

This may be a huge sweeping generalization but many men absolutely hate to shop. They’d much rather spend their weekends and free time doing anything – watching football, mowing the lawn, walking the dog, botching simple DIY tasks – than mooching around shops. Window shopping or browsing? They just don’t see the point. For these […]

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impress on the first date

Impress on the First Date: Top 5 Tips for Men

Men require plenty of skills to get through the dating scene in one piece, and even more skills if you want to emerge successful and happy. Landing the wrong person might ruin your life in the long run, or may push you to a therapist. You need to get your priorities right and must ideally […]

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Win a girl's heart

Win A Girl’s Heart By Starting With Yours

Win a girl’s heart by starting with yours. How comfortable is your heart in your life right now? When is the last time you’ve listened to your heart? How do you feel about showing your heart to others? Being a safe place for your heart creates safety for her heart. When you become a safe […]

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How To Find A Good Girl On A Dating App

Is technology changing how we court and find love? 1 in 5 people aged 25-34 have used online dating or apps to find love in 2013. It seems these numbers are only increasing based on my men’s group in Los Angeles, CA. Most of them have tried Tinder at least once. First impressions now are […]

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