14 Questions To Discover Your Dating Goals

Dating can’t be singularly focused on getting married. What happens after you put a ring on it? You’ve achieved your goal, now what? Dating goals must extend past the marriage ceremony. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been discussing intentional dating, or dating with purpose. To sum it up, intentional dating is about having plans […]

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7 Characteristics of Intentional Dating

Planned Conscious Meant Studied Knowing Considered Advised Willful Purposeful These are but a few of the synonyms of “intentional.” Success requires intention. It’s normal to talk about intention within the context of finances and business, but what about being intentional in dating and relationships? Maybe it’s your intention to sleep around, and that might be […]

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Built. Not Bought: Good Guys of Baseball

“Built. Not Bought.” Those were the words on the sign being held up proudly by a Kansas City Royals fan on the jumbotron screen in the middle of the second game of the 2014 World Series. And those words capture so perfectly just why Royals fans are so proud of these “Boys in Blue,” the […]

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What Is Intentional Dating?

There’s just something about the words “intentional dating” that don’t quite sit right. It sounds intense. Remember that time Spot got neutered? Before his man parts were removed, he had a ton of energy. He was king of the world. Then he came home from the vet, and he became eerily calm. I think that’s […]

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How Absent Fathers May Be Contributing To ISIS Recruitment

It’s about connection. If you look at the logo on our site, it’s a bow tie representing two triangles connecting; one triangle representing the whole man strong in mind, body, and soul. The second triangle represents our connection with the Creator. It’s why I feature articles on spirituality here and there. Ultimately, though, it’s about […]

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Are You A Real Man If You Are Creative?

Poetry is for women. Painting is feminine. A guy who can dance is gay. Keep your singing in the shower. Haha, he’s a theater geek. Oh, you play in the band? Are you a real man? How do you know? There are plenty of forums and sites that will tell you. They focus on being […]

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The Consequence of Debt And The Benefit of Saving

Personal finances are a touchy subject. Everyone makes different amounts, everyone has different needs, and everyone has different goals.  With this in mind, there are two absolute certainties regarding personal finances: 1. Debt has consequences, and 2. Saving has benefits. The Consequence of Debt… Lives have been born into debt and many lives constantly die […]

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How You Can Win Her Over By Disqualifying Yourself

Women do want a complimentary gentleman, even on the first date. But guys often compliment on the wrong things, or say the same unoriginal things every guy compliments on: You’re so beautiful. Can I buy you a drink? You have a really great personality (after 5 minutes in a first-time conversation). You look like a […]

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13 Ways A Guy Can Be More Creative In Dating

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. – Ayn Rand Women desire a creative man. Don’t believe it? One average guy on Tinder recently attracted over 2,000 women by making fake “Match of the Day” logos on his profile. One woman wrote, “Hey, ha love the banners […]

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