a good guy will rescue her over and over again

A Good Guy Will Rescue Her Over and Over Again

As a young girl, my wife Kristen wanted to be a princess and dreamt about her prince. As she says, she believes in “once upon a times” and “happily ever afters.” Now, I’m her prince. One of her favorite fairytales is “Sleeping Beauty.” She loves sleeping, but I’d say she loves this story because a […]

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7 simple but attentive things to do on a date

7 Simple But Attentive Things To Do On A Date

The line between being attentive on a date and being too gung ho is straightforward when you step back and look at it. In the moment, however, bad ideas can make a lot of sense. Take this bad idea that ended in disaster. I just graduated from college, and as every guy knows, the pickings […]

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10 ways the right girl should make you feel

10 Ways The Right Girl Should Make You Feel

Every guy should have some idea of what he’s looking for in a potential mate. Maybe you made a wife list of qualities you want? Maybe you created a vision board? But how does she make you feel? I was in a relationship at one point, and she checked all the boxes, but something just didn’t […]

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Gentlemanly Thoughts Differ From Misogynistic Thoughts

How Gentlemanly Thoughts Differ From Misogynistic Thoughts

A gentleman is not sexist. From what I’ve found, there are two basic forms of sexism: hostile and benevolence. Hostile sexism is anger, resentment, or control of women. The idea of benevolent sexism was introduced in 1996, and according to Huffington Post refers to “a paternalistic attitude towards women that idealizes them affectionately.” Keep in mind, […]

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Gentlemanly Resolutions 2015

22 Gentlemanly Resolutions for 2015

As I reflect on 2014, I’ve been thinking about what I need to reach for as a man, and I’ve also considered what I’ve been seeing through writing on this site, and what I’ve gleaned from the men’s groups I lead. Making a gentlemanly resolution is providing an answer to a problem or conflict, but […]

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50 Gentlemanly Tips To Remember On A Date

50 Gentlemanly Tips To Remember On A Date

Gentility is neither in birth, wealth, or fashion, but in the mind. A high sense of honor, a determination never to take a mean advantage of another, adherence to truth, delicacy and politeness…are the essential characteristics of a gentleman. -Cecil B. Hartley No man is born a gentleman, so how can he remember gentlemanly tips […]

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