How To Grow In True Confidence As A Man

Confidence is attractive. We’ve all seen videos from the animal kingdom depicting an alpha male trying to win a female through an outward sign of confidence right? Unfortunately, in human social settings vigorously beating your chest, thrashing around with violent dance moves, or even flexing shirtless probably won’t win you the girl of your dreams. […]

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guys need bromance

5 Reasons Guys Need Bromance

I’ve noticed a lot of people here in Los Angeles, CA will often refer to their friends as “family.” Maybe it’s because all of our real families reside far away, but in some sense, we all need deep connection beyond typical city life acquaintanceship. For men, that need can be summed up with bromance. What’s […]

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Authentic Manly Strength

4 Conditions of Authentic Manly Strength

A myth is thrust upon us and perpetuated by the same false pretenses it seeks to convey: strength is something masculine, physical and unyielding. Our egos love this idea of a self serving false bravado and it has embraced us like shining armor, giving us a sense of superiority. When strength is something you exert over […]

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Should A Guy Pay on a Date

Should A Guy Pay on a Date? 5 Ways To Decide

This topic never gets old. My Facebook page was on fire from a somewhat controversial video by Matthew Hussey. A girl in the audience states she’s been dating her boyfriend for 5 months, and was complaining he didn’t want to pay for a date. “You’re the gentleman here,” she says. “You should pay for the […]

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Laughing Through Awkwardness Like a Man

Laughing Through Awkwardness Like A Man

Awkward: Causing difficulty; hard to do or deal with, deliberately unreasonable or uncooperative, causing or feeling uneasy embarrassment or inconvenience, not smooth or graceful, uncomfortable. A Late Middle English word in the sense of ‘the wrong way round, upside down.’ There used to be a word awk, based on an Old Norse afugr, that meant […]

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father's day guide to watch brands

Father’s Day Guide To Watch Brands

Take time this Father’s Day to look for the perfect gift for your Dad. Investing in a good timepiece is like buying a great suit. A watch should make the wearer feel more confident and make his outfit feel complete. Think about your Dad’s image and what his style says about him. Whether he is […]

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