5k Plan

Couch to 5K Plan

Your New Year’s resolution to lose weight started off well. You passed on the worst (yet tastiest) food and went for a run during halftime of the football game. Then January 2nd rolled around and it all went downhill. Here we are on the cusp of summer and your beach body is going to remain […]

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Marry miss USA

What I Did To Marry Miss USA

What if you graduate from college and don’t have a girlfriend? What if you get into your 30s and you’re still single? What if it’s been ages since you’ve dated and you don’t know where to begin? My hope had run out. I was 30 and found myself repeating some of the same words I […]

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how to handle being dumped

How to Handle Being Dumped Like a Man

Breakups suck. There’s no way around it. Ethan Renoe wrote a brilliant article on How to Break Up With Her Like a Man. But, what happens when you’re the one who gets dumped? Recently my girlfriend broke up with me. I tried my best, and in the process I learned how to handle being dumped […]

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Why Don’t Girls I Like Want To Date Me?

At 16, I was the second skinniest kid in my high school class. Awkward and uncoordinated, I gave up playing football my freshman year. The only suitable position for a skinny guy like me was wide receiver. Only I couldn’t catch. Instead, I became involved in Future Farmer’s of America (FFA), Drama Club, and Math […]

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Reasons to celebrate mom

3 Reasons To Celebrate Mom On Mother’s Day

Maybe men built the structures that hold skyscrapers high, but women are the backbone that hold the strength of the nation. It’s statistically true. Women keep families together. While more than 20 millions children have been affected by absent fathers, we often hear stories of moms making large sacrifices for their children. Let’s celebrate the […]

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