What Is Your Reputation Reppin’?

Editor’s note: I’m always amazed by the wisdom of this young gentleman, Andrew Ballard. It’s not too often a high school student displays this kind of reflection. I look forward to seeing big things from him in the future. Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know […]

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Relationships 101: 7 Lessons I Learned

Not Relationships 201…or 301…or 401. Why does everyone want to jump the gun and get into a relationship with a responsibility they might not be able to handle? Just like school, you have to pass the introductory course, or the 101 class before you can move on to the upper level classes. Make sure you […]

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Dear Future Son, How I Met Your Mother

Just a few months has passed since my grandmother passed away, and even though she left us a few days shy of our visit with her, I was very lucky to talk to her on the phone before that day. I knew her time was coming, and I wanted to know how she met my […]

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The Easygoing First Date: 13 Awesome Ideas

13 is a lucky number with these amazing date ideas. First dates can be a nightmare for us guys. Dinner dates can get really complicated. If we choose too nice of a restaurant, it looks like we’re getting serious too soon. But, if we choose too casual of a place then we just look cheap. […]

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5 Ways To Find Your Identity

  One of the biggest internal struggles guys have can be summed up in one question: What’s my purpose? I have always struggled with that question, and it is a difficult one to understand and to wrestle with. Who doesn’t want to leave a legacy? We all want to be celebrated. We all want our […]

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The 3 T’s of the Giving Good Guy

Crazy Love by Francis Chan recently inspired me to further develop and share my passion for giving.  There are no limitations when we talk about how powerful the gift of one’s time, talents, and treasures can be on a community.  Listed below are just a few examples that showcase ways good guys can give. Time: […]

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